Comic: Indians and Pakistanis, All Speak AMAN KI BHAASHA


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Eid ul Azha Spoilers: Congo Virus on the Rise in Pakistan


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So you’ve heard about the famous Tsetse fly from Africa that feeds on the blood of vertebrate animals and causes deadly sleeping sickness in humans. Then there’s another creature, waiting for you to grab attention – the Hyalomma tick. These ticks, responsible for spreading the CCHF Congo virus are busy these days as they are making their way into the urban areas of Pakistan. Dr Bushra Jamil, the chairperson of the Infection Control Committee of Pakistan explains one reason out of the two, for the spread of this deadly virus is that the animals that are brought to the city from areas such as Kashmir, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa transmit the virus.

This points to a calamity that might hit the urban areas of the country during the upcoming festival of Eid ul Azha. The virus dwells within cattle and the festival revolves around cattle too.

Moreover, Dr Shakeel Aamir, Sindh Hospital’s additional medical superintendent, has said that getting in touch with infected leather goods can also pass on the extremely contagious virus.

Symptoms of Congo virus at early stage are temperature, sensitive pain in patient’s abdomen and the dripping of blood from nose, mouth and in urine.

Sharps like needles and other piercing surgical instruments and body wastes should be safely disposed of using suitable sanitization procedures.

Healthcare workers who have got in touch with tissue or blood from patients with suspected or confirmed CCHF should go along with daily temperature and symptom watch for at least 14 days after the assumed exposure.

Doctors have said that the Congo virus can spread through mucus, spit, urine and other secretions. It may propagate from one person to another in no time. It has been suggested to parents not to take children to hospitals because these infections are already spreading pretty quickly.

319 possible cases of Congo virus have been reported lately, of which 180 have been declared positive and 139 negative.

This tells how serious it is, at the moment. I wish nobody’s Eid gets ruined by these deadly ticks. Beware.

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Meet the Zinger Nation – Pakistan


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Have you met that guy who sits by the window pane of Dunkin Donuts, munching his doughnut with coffee; who tweets patriotic on Twitter; who is inspired by the French revolution but can only manage to adapt a French kiss out of the French nation?

Yeah, the one who wears Nike, who cries by the side with his Zinger burger and his concerns over his malfunctioning Xbox 360 and his soccer club’s deteriorating position in the English Premier League; let alone the sounds of madness that come out of his earphones; Iron Maiden, Metallica and Pink Floyd screaming patriotic anthems of Pakistan Zindabad, as one would aspire.

Yeah, he talks about Al Pacino’s inspirational speech in an odd Hollywood movie, though he never finds a notion, as perfect as to match his practicality. Though he’s more conscious of Coke’s taste over Pepsi‘s, he’s naive of the difference between the urban water and the disease-filled undrinkable water in the rest of the worst-flood affected country-side.

Yes, he feels bad about President Zardari’s VIP movements on road and the resulting traffic blockade, but he never regrets the havoc he creates on road when he breaks signals, pushes wrong way and messes the whole road.

Beware of this man. He constitutes the Zinger nation. There are many of this kind amongst us. Avoid and forgive him because he has failed to find an app for his iPhone that could teach him humanity and patriotism in plain simple words.

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