AntiZiotics II – Episode 1

This story is a sequel to AntiZiotics! Inorder to understand this, you must read the prequel first. _________________________________________________________________________

Three years have passed since the historical demise of the Rick Band, but things have never got normal again. Three ultra-curious men in hoods are looking close at the wax statues of the late Rick Band members, here at the Madame Tussauds Museum in London. Looking at them, no one can really say much what they’re actually trying to do. The three are equipped with unusual stuff like micro digital cameras, measuring tapes and of course, a pair of eagle eyes on their faces. In one of these men’s hands, is held the TIME magazine’s latest publication, which is getting unprecedented worldwide attention for one of the articles that it holds within…Here’s a brief view of what this article says:

The Rickshaw Vs the DAVID’S STAR: The After Ef‘FACTS’ Unveiled!

September 15

– 4 days from the death of the Rick Band: A top level Jewish Technology Professor at M.I.T., Yousuf Fazal, confesses that ‘the movement’ is a terrorist movement with inhumane motives.

September 23

– 12 days from the death of the Rick Band: The new UN Representative of Palestine, Tazeen Razi, is kidnapped, just after two hours and 13 minutes, from the time she reveals the testament of the latest US Aid to Israel, in the UN Security Council. The testament states how the funded money is to be used to buy the new SS-18 Satan missile technology, in order to infiltrate the Gaza Strip.

October 6

– 25 days from the death of the Rick Band: Famous Jewish tycoon Lev Leviv’s airplane wanders on the border of Iran for 19 minutes, after not being allowed to enter the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The list goes on and on, but the two most recent developments have turned every one head over heels:

7 days ago, on September 4, ’11, this is what Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda messaged their fans on the official charity campaign website of Linkin Park,

“The Rick Band will be back…”

The next day, the JIDF [Jewish Internet Defense Force] website got hacked and the only message the hackers left was “The Rick Band will be back…”

Is this time, the Auto Rickshaw is going to collide with the David’s Star?

YOU decide.

-Adil Bawany,

Associate Writer,

TIME Magazine.”

Ever since the revolution in the human race, triggered by the anti-sentiments invoked by the Rick Band, ‘the movement’ has really changed gears in the struggle for its dream, the Greater Israel. In a mere two years time, almost 87% of the Palestinian territory, 63% area of Lebanon and 53% area of Jordan has been illegitimately invaded by Israel, on the basis of gun. Seeker of the restoration of the Solomon Empire, the Zio-Jewish nation, that has been destined to live in exile on Earth by God, is now all set to bother any country, any entity, any time it wants. The World now has two genders to classify into, the Ricks, and the ‘Zio-Illuminati’. This, in fact… is the New World Order. Despite the Ricks being in majority, the Zio’s are in vast control of planet Earth.

Suddenly, the wax statue of the late drummer of the Rick Band, Hassan Ahmed, is seen burning in fire. Thousands of visitors gather around the statue, and get to witness the most unusual findings of their lives. This is what a several thousand people get to witness on the back of the burning statue’s neck engraved:

The David’s Star



The chaos is extraordinarily propagating… The authorities are trying to push people back and evacuate the area for investigation purposes, but the mob is now havoc and mayhem! The emblem of the Zio’s, the David’s star’s engraving on the back of the statue’s neck, is raising millions of questions on the curious minds at unrest, while the authorities are totally perplexed at where the three men in hoods have gone.

As minutes spare, the two wax statues of the Rick Band’s vocalist and guitarist, Farrukh Zafar and Osama Khalid respectively, explode! The greatest wax statue museum of the world is now flaming in fire, all across its breadth and width. Madame Tussauds London – now a yesterday’s jam. Hitler, Mandela, Napoleon, Lincoln, Diana, The Rock, Tom Cruise, Pelé, Beckham – You name it – all burning..!

“Each and every term here is important. Remember the name of the magazine held in one of the suspicious men in hoods? “T-I-M-E”!! So watch out for how ‘time’ might play a role in this cameo! The engraving on the statue’s neck shows it were the Zio’s, not to forget that the TIME magazine also belongs to the same man-eater Z movement.

Today is the 11th of September 2011, 10 years ago, this very same date, the Zio-Illuminati changed the world with a serially planned collapse on the World Trade Center, followed by another.” This is all that the two elite detective squad members of MI6, Hammad Ansari and Ali Iftikhar Qazi have jot down to paper.

In the wink of an eye, Hammad Ansari gets the timeline of the 9.11.01 attacks to study. Here’s the major timeline:

8:46:40 AM: Flight 11 crashes at roughly 490 mph into the north face of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.

9:03 AM: Flight 175 crashes at about 590 mph into the south face of the South Tower of the World Trade Center, banked between floors 78 and 85.

9:37:46 AM: Flight 77 crashes into the western side of the Pentagon and starts a violent fire.

“Dammit! That’s exactly what matches the happenings here:

8:46:40 AM: The time that was engraved on the Rick Band’s guitarist’s burning statue’s neck!

9:03 AM: The time which the digital clock of the museum is showing, after stopping as a result of the great explosion caused by the bombs planted in the tummies of the statues, of the rest of the two Rick Rockers.

So 9:37:46 AM it is! We’re just 3 damn minutes away! What’s next? Lord! Mercy!” are the words of Hammad.

Is this another 9/11 to change the world unkind? 10 years the span, from Twin Towers to Madame Tussauds, the next 3 minutes shall tell, as the glories unwind… Continued in Episode 2.

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Comments (17)

Very gripping, Farrukh. I didn’t know what to expect in this part but seriously, this is just amazing! I can’t wait for the next now!

Climax per “Episode 2 Stay Tuned” likh diya … kiya yaar? Maza araha tha
If you will do this, nobody will come :D

Here comes the detective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

The best thing about the story is its realistic approach. But just a random question, mentioning and linking REAL Celebrities in the story in which they dont have a proper part is that Legal?
Just Curious.

Well, when you mention it straight that the piece is fiction, than no one shall mind their free publicity, I reckon. Don’t know much about the legalities here. Ain’t no a lawyer :)

I think it is okay to just mention a living personality within the time frame, i mean if you are speaking about Obama as the president of USA in the year 2010… something like that. You’re flirting with a libel suit if you attribute any unsavory behavior to a public figure, even fictionally. But there are broad protections for works that are obviously satirical. Finally, there have been recent attempts by celebrities to copywrite their public name, image and persona. Whether any of those have been upheld legally, I don’t know.

Shiny stuff. . … Waiting for next epi

incredible. waiting for the next episode.
beckham ka wax statue ko burn nae krtay yaar .:D

And yes! I loved my character! :D So can’t wait to read what happens to her (though I suspect she’s going to die) :D

LOL! Be hopeful! :P

Is there any role of Hammad Ansari in future???

Hammad Ansari dies…. LOL! :P

Good crunch out there!

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hammad Ansari, Hammad Ansari, Nazia Bilal, Ali Shams, Hammad Ansari and others. Hammad Ansari said: RT @fariZafar » AntiZiotics II #FarrukhUNPLUGGED_com #Pakistan #Israel #Palestine #Muslim #Zionism [...]

Extremely beautiful and GREAT piece to read. A nice one indeed. Thumbs Up Farrukh!!! Now waiting for AZ II, episode 3 :D

Episode 3!!! on public demand… you held up with the spark and spunk of AZ I… nice work… very well written, coherent, timely and I just can’t get over the fact that you used real life celebs! Really innovative… : )

PS: save Beck’s satutue? : )

Oh my god! People are craving for Beckham, not even sparing his statue! :)

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