Further Explaining How Indian Water Terror Contributed to Pakistan Floods


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This interview that I gave to Johannesburg, South Africa’s Cii Radio Channel, is a 1-UP sequel on my blog post on the man-made nature of Pakistan floods, Opening the Flood Pandora Box – Pakistan Facing a Man-Made Flood? The interview was aired live here, at 7:41 AM Central African Time.

Here’s the recording of that interview that’ll help you understand why I, along with other Pakistani bloggers, have been emphasizing on India’s fingering into the wounds of Pakistan’s worst floods in history.

Interview continued in the next stream:

Key terms I discussed:

1 ) The Indian dams in Jammu and Kashmir:

On River Chenab

The Salal Hydroelectric Project built on River Chenab in Udhampur district, supervised by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation of India.

The Baglihar dam in Doda district.

Dul Hasti dam.

The Kirthai, Sawalkot and Pakaldul dams on River Chenab.

On River Jhelum

The Uri Hydroelectric Project on River Jhelum in the Baramula district.

Kishanganga dam on River Jhelum.

On River Indus

The Manpreet and Randeep dam on River Indus.


The Nimoo Bazgo dam at the village of Alchi.

The Dumkhar Project. The Chutak dam on River Suru.

2 ) A flashback at the meeting held in February 2010 on US consent, between senior officials who deal Pak-Afghan agricultural issues, in which Mr. Zahoor Malik, bureaucrat leading the Pak delegation, raised the issue of an Indian company with close links to the Indian Govt. building a dam in Kabul near the Pakistan border.

3 ) India’s refusal to put a telemetry system on its dams in Kashmir as part of the Indus Water Treaty.

4 ) The arrival of Indian vegetables through the Wahga border, into the Pakistani vegetable markets after the destruction of Pakistani crops and vegetables in the large-scale floods.

5 ) India’s lifting of ban on cotton export earlier and the following attempt to compete with Pakistan’s cotton industry after Pakistan’s cotton washed away on a large scale in the floods. Not to forget, cotton is Pakistan chief export and cash crop.

6 ) India to export cotton to Pakistan in October.

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I am glad that Farrukh Zafar tried his level best to disclose the reality about recent floods in Pakistan. He discussed the causes of this flood with facts and figures. He also tried to explain the evil game played by enemies of Pakistan. Great work Farrukh. Pakistan needs young daring citizens like you.

Totally Agreed … Way to go “Apple” :D … Awesome

i really belive our media is biased, if it is a blast or any othr depressing news our media gives its coverage 24/7 but wn it comes to certain ‘realities’ thy pretend to b blind n deaf

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