7 Reasons Why the Nation Loves Pakistan Army


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Ask the flood victims. These soldiers are the saints, when they sing, “The saints are coming.”

1 - Because each soldier of the Pakistan Army has a million proud mothers across the country to pray for his safety.

2 – Because they are born to save.

3 – Because they get into the roots of the people to inquire their pains.

4. Because you look for a savior in them.

5. Because they know where their Heaven lies.

6. Because they’re the chosen ones – The messiah for the pariah.

7. Because they have so many other fronts to fight; Rescue, Code Red, Humanity are the only words they’ve known.

They are the ones who we believe in. They are the ones who teach us a life-code.

I salute each and every troop who constitutes the Pakistan Army. May Allah make you grow in stature, forever and always.

This blog post was prescribed through Pakistan Army’s twitter account and was also quoted by Defense.Pk authorities.
*Photos provided by: Inter Services Public Relations – Pakistan.
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these are lovely pictures. :) and very endearing post.

salam ho army wala ko

pakistan zindabad

یہ غازی یہ تیرے پراسرار بندے، جنہیں تو نے بخشا ہے ذوق خدائی،
دو نیم ان کی ٹھوکر سے صحرا و دریا، سمٹ کر پہاڑ ان کی ہیبت سے رائی

btw, ironic post id…. :P


BTW, nice verse, this. It’s heavy.

Amazing post! Loved the pictures..

Your last image is not of Pakistani forces or in Pakistan. That appears to be either Bangladesh or India.

But great entry otherwise.

The picture has a reference to ISPR with the following code:

No PR290/2010-ISPR
Dated: July 30, 2010

This is the reason why I haven’t removed it.

Pak Navy

Pakistani Army is a Blessing for the Nation.
A great attempt towards the post :)

یہ غازی یہ تیرے پراسرار بندے، جنہیں تو نے بخشا ہے ذوق خدائی،
دو نیم ان کی ٹھوکر سے صحرا و دریا، سمٹ کر پہاڑ ان کی ہیبت سے رائی

pakistan army zindabad

bless our army:)

its great .. but why specifically Army is praised .. why not say that gov did a good thing? If it were a drone attack you’d say that the Gov. failed and not the army ..

army is PAID BY THE GOV FOR doing rescue and defense duties .. whenever they fail, we blame gov and whenever they do something good, we praise just the army..

They say we r paid with our taxes,

They say we only enjoy privilege,

They say we r leisure seekers,

They say we r dictators,

They say & They only say, But when, We sit blood freezing cold posts in SIACHIN, They don’t say, When Our boxed bodies peirced with bullets & sometimes parts of bodies come home, They don’t say, When we secrifice our today 4 their tomorrow, They don’t say, When our mothers covers our faces in the flag of Pakistan They don’t say, When we get ready 2 walk in spray of bullets chanting Takbeer {ALLAH HO AKBAR} without bothering being hit They still don’t say…

Army does a good thing(rescue stuff): All hail army, praise army, make them sit on our heads.

Army does a bad thing(drone attacks): F*** the Gov., Sack the Gov., Kill ZARDARI

armys paid by the gov for doing defense and rescue services .. they get 30%+ of the national budget.. its their JOB. If they do something wrong, blast the gov. but if they do something right, then praise the gov also. Dont be a hyporcrite.

I love Pakistan Army. Live long Pakistan Army.
“naam” aur “zia” teri to…….

Our army is really doing a gr8 work for the nation…

we must appreciate it……….

Nice Post!!! Awesome Tribute to Pakistan Army!! we salute them

Men of steel at their best.

I was just reading about a military competition held in Britain, known as the ‘Cambrian Patrol’ to provide a challenging patrols exercise in order to develop operational capability among young and energetic military personnel from almost all over the world. This year, a total of 86 teams participated in the patrol exercise, which included 70 teams from the UK and remaining from other countries that included besides others the teams from Pakistan, India, Canada, France, Afghanistan, Germany and even the USA. Each team comprises of 8 men carrying up to 55 kilos each across some of the most unforgiving terrain. There have been accounts of teams trudging through bog land up to their waist for 4 hours only to cover 1.5 km. It’s a test of leadership, self discipline, courage and determination. The exercise usually starts with teams arriving at a RV before having their equipment checked to make sure they have everything required. Missing equipment is replaced by dead weight and points are deducted. After receiving the orders, each team prepares a sand model to make plan. And then the race starts while the clock ticks. The teams almost run to close the timings through marshes, water channels, back breaking mountains and long stretches of plains.

During the three day exercise, all teams tried their best to take a lead on the other. But at the end, it was Pakistan’s team that took the lead over the rest of 85 teams and won the coveted gold medal. Well this goes without saying the winning of the gold medal speaks volumes of excellent training given to Pakistan Army.

In the nutshell, whatsoever the ‘realities’ are, one thing is for sure that our army is one of the best defence forces of the world. Indeed, the most efficient and disciplined institution of Pakistani system.

I reckon you missed this:


Oh sure, I did.:) Thanks for the detailed information. I was actually looking for this.

Great work!! Keep it up man!

i love Pakistan Army from core of my heart bt after abotabad incidence i am seriously disappointed and thinking about my my decision????????????????????????????

pak armies budget is only and only 2.6% nt 30% or some idiots also say 50% so pleas just visit wikipedia once!!!!

All said well. Now show the other side of the mirror also.

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