Argentine Memoirs of World Cup 2010


Posted by Farrukh Zafar | Posted in FIFA WorldCup 2010, Poetry | Posted on 03-07-2010

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You want me to look for God in Satan

They want me to call those wolves, Spartan

I’ll treasure my rags, rather than the tartan.

I tell you, are not gold, all things that shine

You wanted to paint my fate in turpentine

Vamos, Vamos, Argentine.

Well played Germany. Better luck next time, Argentina.

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Comments (33)

this is madness….. :/

I want to dis-like it! Where’s the dis-like button!?

Kum On! Change your SHIRT! Enjoy the World Cup.

and enjoy LifE!

keep bringing smileto people’s Face! Keep BlogginG!


Wait! No! :’(

that’s not possible man! :( we love your blog

you’re acting like a bacha Farrukh. Man up.

You can always use this post to come back after a while… giving the reason: The demand was too much. I had to come back. :P

He won’t have to use this as a reason. Farrukh Unplugged is already in a lot of demand! It will have to come back!
No hibernation!

Thank God … Good Riddance … Please Please don’t come back. The internet is better off without your 3rd grade rants.

You’re wrong brother! Farrukh Unplugged is one of the best blogs out there in the blogosphere! :) I think in fact I definitely know that a lot people second me.

Exactly :)

I second you, but not farrukh’s decision…. :)

I think Mustafa got the answer, without me having to say anything. :)

Oye emotional mat ho, wapis aajaa :)

I dare you not to quit blogging! ;)

Farrukh bhai, bring back the blog. The WC is not bigger than your blog :)

I second!

thats a bit of an OVERSTATEMENT ramiz!

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Arifa Batool, Ali Shams. Ali Shams said: That's what the author says atleast: This is the end of [...]

For a person like me with no particular attachment with Argentina team and football in general… This is STUPID. This is IDIOTIC. This is INSANE. This is MADDENING.

For you, however, I can understand your emotional attachment with the team, considering the fact that you’ve been an ardent fan of it. But lemme tell you… yes, seriously… no emotion (if excluded love:P) deserves a life and death situation. And this is one. This is a life and death situation for you.

You’re quitting blogging ’cause Argentina lost? Seriously? You’re quitting writing ’cause of that? Ain’t ‘life’ equivalent to ‘writing’ to you?

If it isn’t, it should be.

I won’t ask you not to quit blogging, since it’s totally upto you. I’d, however, like you to know… you’re quite a talented writer and if I were in your place and if I’d any bit of sanity in me to overcome such emotional attachments (:P) and if I’d any bit of love for writing, I wouldn’t take such a step.

You lost a bet. So what? You promised you’d quit blogging if Argentina lost? So what?

You know what…
That promise of yours wasn’t worth keeping.

6 reasons why
1- Writing means to you more than Argentina (its football team). (If it doesn’t, as I said before, it should.)
2- The blog’s these days about Football, not Argentina. For the mistakes of Argentina, other teams shouldn’t suffer.
3- For the mistakes of Argentina, your readers shouldn’t suffer.
4- For the mistakes of Argentina, your writing/blogging shouldn’t suffer. (Is it worth it? Really?)
5- For the attachments of your heart (:P), your readers shouldn’t suffer.
And lastly and most importantly…
6- For the mistakes of Argentina, you shouldn’t die. (:D)

Don’t quit blogging.
I dare you.

wow great I second you Momal for all this, I’ve been explaining this to him for long, but he doesn’t understand :(

farrukh if it wouldve been pakistan, i wouldve understood but God damn it ARGENTINA. theyre not even our neighbours. half way across the continent and they prolly dunno we exist. messi’s gr8ness will stand but please dont be foolish. i am hoping to see you write soon.
enjoy the summers. :)

grow a pair!

or else

4LL j00R 4((0U|\|75 \/\/1LL b3 p\/\/|\|D

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! I myself feel like I acted a little too emotional at the moment.

Thanks for the support, both the blogging community and all my beloved readers. These words of yours will never be forgotten.

Well Maradona hasnt resigned yet. He was the one who should have taken responsibility of defeat rather than you. You only supported them and he was the one training them and making strategies that failed. If he is continuing as coach thats because he wants to lift the spirit back and have them back on track. Its really not worth quitting blogs.

I see the blog posts are back :p As I had predicted the first time I read the post.

Strangely, was it just me who thought this was a PR stunt? Rather amateurish in my opinion, to deceive your dedicated readers like that.

Bloggers get criticism for their writing, and they must swallow it.

Let’s see if this comment is published, or moderated by General Farrukh Zafar.

Sorry to be rather blunt :p

Hey, Taha! It was indeed the end of blogging for me, had there not been all these friends from the blogosphere and the ones who read, who forced me to come back.

As for the decision, yes it was an amateurish one, but that’s with all of us. Even you promised not to use facebook anymore, but you neither deactivate your account nor stop logging in to watch your feeds. :P So you see, it’s with all of us, this issue of letting ourselves down at times. :)

And damn I’m just kidding here, so don’t take it to your heart. :D

I’m not taking anything to heart, but I do need to clarify the fact that I don’t use facebook- The only reason my account is still there is because I don’t want to deactivate it in such a sudden manner that people who get in touch with me sometimes are left wondering where I disappeared. So, my account is in a hibernation period for exactly 3 months. Anyone who doesn’t remember me for 3 months is likely not to remember me anytime :)

And yes, I do log in once in a blue moon to see if anyone’s contacted me. Your post was right there on the home page, and I couldn’t resist posting :p

Haha! Good incentives! :D Chill karo :D

hey FARRUKH, this bizarre decision of yours made me rethink about the priority classes i gave you :-D………kher do not worry we should be doing another Tamasha trip this winter InshAllah and this time i make sure u aint sleeping anytime at all!………..kher ji mubarak ho aap blog per wapis aa gaye aur waise bhi as the sayin goes argentina ka match peshawer main pehlay hi dekha ja chuka tha wahan per Argentina won so no worries, khush hoja……:-D

LOL Yasir! :D

The poem was quite enjoyable. :D You were quitting the blog? *Laughs* I don’t think you would even if you were paid for it. :D

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