3 Bizarre Things East Gave to the West


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It’s weird but true. It’s laughable but gives a clue. On knowing, please don’t laugh, if it’s not worth getting out of the blues.

1. Lota

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Yes, the first and most strange thing is the Lota. Read as لوٹا in Urdu and लोटा in Hindi; Lota is the small, water vessel of plastic, brass or copper that you usually see around in most Muslim washrooms and temples, no matter if they are located in the US, Europe or even Antarctica! But I swear, my ancestors didn’t invent this!

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Here’s how the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word Lota.

2. Hookah

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Next is the hookah! The waterpipe that they often refer to as sheesha/shisha is a single or multi-stemmed gadget for smoking, in which the flavored smoke is cooled and filtered through water.

This instrument comes from the Arab world and India.

3. Kohl

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Kohl, the ancient eye cosmetic which is also known as sirma/surma and kaajal. It is used to darken the eyelids and as mascara for the eyelashes by women. Anciently made by grinding lead sulfide, today the trend is to make it without poisonous ingredients.

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So the next time you see Avril Lavigne with smoky eyes and heaps of kohl falling down, first credit it back to the East, then look to opt for a face-palm! :)

WikiLeaks in the Game of Cricket


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Zidane and Ronaldo to Play for Pakistan Flood Charity!


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World soccer maestros and United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors Ronaldo and Zinédine Zidane have announced that the 8th Annual Match Against Poverty is dedicated to the Pakistan Floods and Haiti victims. The match will raise funds for the nearly 25 million people suffering due to the two natural disasters mentioned.

The All-star team of both the World cup winners will face Greek-side Olympiacos in a friendly encounter on December 15, 2010. The match will be played at Karaiskakis Stadium in Greece and is part of the global campaign to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of United Nations, that target to slit all major social ills by the year 2015.

This is what Zinedine Zidane said regarding the effort:

“We must score the eight goals through commitment, willpower and teamwork.”

*Image courtesy: http://www.undp.org.eg

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