If Your Mosque Had WiFi!


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Ever imagined if every mosque you go, had a WiFi (or Wireless LAN internet connection) for you to make us of? Won’t it already make the mosque a heaven on Earth?

Here we have a few of the possibilities. Choking Hazard. Serious people read on their own risk.

It Could be THIS, Coming Straight from the Mosque! And That Too, On a Friday!

Or Just Another FourSquare Fanatic!

You Do Know About Such Parents, Don’t You! Imagine Them With the WiFi Facility!

It Could Be an Angel Checking-In Too!

And It Could Be More Between Angels!

Last But Not Least. Well, You Do Hear This Every Friday, Don’t You? Imagine This Announcement Coming Over the Fan Page, Live via WiFi!

3 Latest Examples of Anti-Muslim Sentiment-Invoking Rants by the British Media


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Some say journalists and lawyers are people from hell. I could only agree to the extent that well, some of them might really not deserve the Heaven, for they are the ones who try to invoke an anti sentiment against a particular religion, in their readership on a massive scale.

Lately, it’s been my friend in UK, Mr. Samar Niyaz, who has brought to us here, some newspaper shots to ponder about.

Here’s Daily Express:

Now here’s what the Daily Mail can do to amuse their readers:

And lastly, the notorious News of the World, which has never been able to publish anything more than scandals and hate speech:

They are just so good at pointing out the minor bad aspect to portray the mindset of the entire majority.

Pre-Eid ul Azha – One Night Stand


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We’ll hang around with them all night like a gum,
They’ll “moo” and “baa” together on the sounds of drum,

We’ll take them on an island on the sun,
Will feed their bellies like the magazine of a gun,

We’ll get all our wood, around them to burn,
We won’t let them visualize the daggers through the lantern,

Tomorrow they’ll be slaughtered; tonight’s the last turn,
Let’s listen to what they’re saying, like speakers standing by a rostrum…

- By Farrukh Zafar

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